Funeral Financing

Affordable monthly payment plans through LendingUSA, a leading funeral funding group endorsed by the National Funeral Directors Association. Simple application can be made on-line.

Funeral financing is a touchy subject, but it's one that needs to be addressed. It's difficult to budget for funeral services in advance, especially if you're just starting out in your profession or don't have much cash on hand. You may also not want to reveal how much debt you have, since this may lead family members and friends who are paying for your funeral to believe they should pay more than they need to because they believe you are affluent. Funeral planning does not have to take away from the most important aspect of life: celebrating it! Planning ahead of time with one of our partner funeral homes alleviates some of these concerns, allowing families to focus on honoring their loved ones' lives rather than worrying about how they'll pay for it.

Your decision to plan ahead should not be based on how much you can afford. We believe that funeral planning should begin as soon as possible. It's also a decision that doesn't need to break the bank, and we work with our partner funeral homes in many states across the country to make it as affordable as possible for everyone.

Is Funeral Financing Recommended?

The funeral industry is a huge market, with more than half of all deaths in America being caused by natural causes. Funeral financing can help you pay for your loved one's final wishes because it offers loans which are often tax-deductible and backed by the government up until six months after they're paid off or forgiven at no interest rate as long suffering debtors only get stuck paying this service fee instead. Reach out to us at Murphy Ruffenach Brian W. Donnelly Funeral Homes, if you have more questions about the funeral financing process or you may visit us for a consultation.