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Murphy Ruffenach Brian W. Donnelly Funeral Homes is a top-rated funeral home and cremations provider serving families in Northeast Philadelphia, PA. We are so proud of the traditions, accomplishments and legacy from the past 120 years of service that has been provided to those we serve. When you work with us, our dedicated team will make sure that your loved ones will be provided with the utmost care all the time. Call us at (215) 334-1578 or you may visit us at 2237 S 3rd St Philadelphia, PA 19148.

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For funeral home and cremations in Northeast Philadelphia, PA, Murphy Ruffenach Brian W. Donnelly Funeral Homes are the industry leader for this geographic area. Offering a full-service funeral home with all of the services you need through one location, we are here to support families and loved ones in a difficult time of grief and pain. We know how to help you create a meaningful memorial or funeral services, burial or graveside services, and cremation services.

We can help you through the details of selecting caskets, vaults, urns, and permanent Memorialization Options. We can also help with pre-arrangement or pre-need services to offer peace of mind and clarity about the process before it is actually needed.

How to Plan a Funeral Service in Northeast Philadelphia, PA

Funerals are a time for family and friends to come together, show their respect and pay tribute. To make it personal as well as celebratory, here's how you can plan an unforgettable funeral service in just 5 steps.

  • Consult with your loved ones about what kind of ceremony they would want if anything should happen or even discuss the possibility now so that everyone knows where others stand on whether religion is important or not- especially if there are children who might need guidance from parents later down the line when making decisions like this themselves. This will also give them some peace of mind because then they know exactly what everybody wants before any part happens at all!
  • Send out invitations with photos of your loved ones.
  • Keep decorations simple so that they don't look too sad or depressing
  • Make sure someone is going to be reading something at any point in time because funerals can get really long without anything happening for quite awhile if this isn't done consistently throughout the ceremony
  • Choose an uplifting song about death as well as life - here's my favorite by Leonard Cohen "Who By Fire" which I think he wrote after his father died.

Funerals are a time for family and friends to come together, show their respect and pay tribute. To make it personal as well as celebratory, here's how you can plan an unforgettable funeral service. If you're looking for a trusted funeral home and cremation service provider in Northeast Philadelphia, PA, look no further. We offer more than just funeral services. Whether you need an urn or any other type of service including graveside services, we guarantee to fulfill your loved one’s wishes. We also provide full-service planning as well as military honors if necessary. So before making your final decision on which provider to choose, be sure to check out some of the offerings we have available!

More Than a Century of Service

Our longstanding service to the community is evident in our history. Though our name has changed through the years, we take pride in the origins of our presence in the area for more than 120 years of committed service in helping families and loved ones put their loved ones to rest with dignity. We have a high commitment to our clients, and we want to support you in any possible way with the goal of making a difficult time just a little easier than it otherwise might be.

Our grateful clients tell us regularly how having our support to get those little details that make a big difference just right are so appreciated, especially in retrospect. We know you don’t have another opportunity to take care of this part of life-- so we will do all we can to help it come together just the way you want to remember it. 

Creating Services as Unique as Your Loved One Regarding Funeral Home and Cremations in Northeast Philadelphia, PA

Many options are available when it comes to honoring and celebrating the life of the deceased. We love to help our clients take a bit of time to create a service that is specific and unique since their loved one is certainly that. We support your creativity and offer ideas we have seen others choose as well. Custom funeral or memorial services where everything is personalized to honor the departed is something in which we specialize.

Without a doubt, we want you to feel that your loved one is important and the celebration of their life is a beautiful tribute to them. We will guide you through the many available options without overwhelming you. Funeral? Memorial? Burial? Cremation? Or even a combination of these services can be very beneficial in supporting the remaining loved ones in finding closure and moving forward in the process of grief.

We will give you the time and support you need through this planning process. We have a good understanding of all applicable local and federal laws, any required permits, appropriate venues, and any other relevant services that might be available. Because of this, we can streamline this process and make things simpler for you. No matter what services you select, we are your source for funeral home and cremations in Northeast Philadelphia, PA.

We Use Technology Tools to Expand Your Circle

As times have changed, so have we. With the digital world accessible to so many of us, we have many more options to include loved ones who are far away and also to preserve memories in beautiful ways. We offer memorial websites as places of connection for you and your loved ones to share your hearts in this time of grief.

We also facilitate live streaming/webcasting services, which can be preserved on DVD for future access if desired. Tribute videos can be created and kept as keepsakes. We embrace the opportunity to use technology to bring hearts together, create connections, and healing spaces.

Why Would I Want to Pre-Arrange My Own Funeral?

Though it may seem odd to think about, preplanning and making arrangements ahead of time for your own final wishes is both wise and compassionate. If you think of this as buying necessary insurances, it may help it feel less awkward. The kindness you extend to your loved ones by speaking your desires helps the remaining living when they are facing the grief of your loss and planning your final services.

If you choose to prepay for the services, you also protect against rising costs, and it is one more way you can bless those who are left behind. This is a wise move financially if that option is available to you. It is also an option to make the plan and not prepay, so don’t let that deter you if it isn’t a path that makes sense for you at this time!

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Funeral & Cremation FAQ’s

Why do people get cremated?

The main reasons why so many people choose cremation are: family division around the U.S. (non-traditional family nucleus) Increasing acceptance of the cremation process in our society. Eco-consciousness patterns in consumers (do not want to use up precious land with a conventional burial in a cemetery) Learn More.

How much does cremation cost in 2020?

The average cremation cost is between $4,000 and $7,000 depending on the method of cremation. Funeral costs are increasing and more people are turning to cremation instead of burial to save money. Learn More.

How far in advance do you plan a funeral?

A funeral is normally held about one or two weeks after death, but it can be longer if the funeral director has just a few days left, or if there is a death inquest. You may want your loved one to be buried as soon as possible, depending on their religious beliefs. Learn More.